"I get to fall in love with amazing people and their stories doing my job. Instead of using a large set of equipment, I place myself into every party and catch unexpected moments from the inside.”

Hello, I’m Dario, a walking contradiction. I love hearing people’s love stories and meeting crazy souls who are able to find each other. I truly believe that love is the most delicious ingredient in any cooking recipe. I have a very simple approach to storytelling – instead of using a large set of equipment, I embed myself (and my camera) into every party and catch unexpected moments from the inside. What I appreciate the most about my line of work is the freedom and joy of capturing the fun, unexpected and heartwarming side of someone’s love story.

Based in Croatia
I'm available for weddings and elopements all around the world.



A month before the Wedding

It’s only a month before the big day and there are a million things to confirm and finalize! That’s why I will contact you and have a small talk about the organization and little details regarding my arrival.


A week before the Wedding

With just seven days left to go before the big celebration, the last thing you need to be doing is stressing about logistics, so I will just confirm my arrival and check if there are any changes of our plans.

The Wedding Day

Everything’s ready for the ceremony! I am always 15-30 minutes before schedule on spot, scanning the site and accommodating with the whole organization. 


For wedding inqueries, please contact me and I'll get back at you with the pricing guide and dossier.